Friday, February 22, 2013

****My 1st Week On Nutrisystem****

Well, I started Nutrisystem on Tuesday, 02/19/13. I know I said I was starting Sunday but my welcome kit took a few extra days to get here. I was very eager to start the program. As soon as I had all my information I started. So far the program is super simple to follow. The food is great and filling. I am not hungry at all. 

The Nutrisystem food I have tried so far has been very good. I am getting use to adding in lots of veggies back in my life that I have not eaten awhile. I always loved fruits but now I realize there is a better way to eat them that will help fuel my weight loss. The terms "SmartCarb" & "Power Fuel" have become part of my daily life. Yes, I am even doing well with exercising... that even surprised me. In the summer I am a lot more active, and in the colder months I am a couch potato. Now that is changing and so am I one day at a time!

I know I said I would let you know this Sunday how much weight I lost the first week on Sunday. I have to push that back to Tuesday since that will be my first full week so look for my post next week letting you know how I am doing as far as the weight loss is coming along :)

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