Friday, April 19, 2013

****How My Giant Shopping Trip Was FREE after Gas Points!!****

I got all of this and it worked out to ONLY be $5.83 OOP (receipt below) this deal is good for Giant & Martins Shoppers.

Then below I got $.20 off per gallon = $6.00 Savings!! So I actually made  $.17 on the deal after gas savings are figured in!! - See Deals below for break downs!

Giant Pagoda Deal - HERE - I used 6 coupons, 3 computers to Print 6

Giant Formula 409/clorox Deal - HERE - I did not use these coupons because the High $$ Coupon below was released

High Dollar $1.50 coupon to add to 409 Deal I posted Earlier - HERE - I used 4 of these, 2 computers hit back 3 times to get a second print.

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