Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Here is my review for a GREAT Product line. ViSalus Maybe Just what you are looking for!

Recently I received A Sample Kit to Review and found the products to be amazing.

Here is what I tried :

Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake Mix
(I also Sampled the mixes, chocolate, strawberry, orange &  banana)

ViSalus Pro- PassionFruit

Vi- Trim Clear Control


Neuro Smart Energy

At some point in our life we are looking for a product that tastes good, offers nutrients we need to fit our busy lifestyle at affordable prices.

I was surprised at how good the shake actually tasted. It can be mixed with  8 -12 ounces of non-fat milk or soy is suggested but I also tried water and it turned out good. The shake is Sweet Cream Flavor and actually is great without additional mix ins added. In addition, fruit can be added to blend the shake into a smoothy-like shake This shake mix has more vitamins and minerals than any other shake I have found. The fact that it is naturally processed and contains NON GMO Products is very impressive! Not to mention the protein and the fact that it is low in carbs and only 1 gram of sugar!!

Each Mix in has additional benefits:

Orange Every Day Defense - Supports a healthy Immune System using Glisodin, Turkey Tail, & OptiZinc this combination provides a healthy detoxification Process.

Strawberry Phyto Power - Packed with Phytonutrients, Vitamin P has the equavilant of 50 strawberries.

Chocolate Cardia Care - Filled with Polyphenols, very high antioxidants it is equal to 6-8 bars of dark chocolate without the guilt!

Banana  Energy Charge - This mix in uses Guarana, Green Tea, Siberian Ginseng & Cordyceps. It is true to the name and tastes like bananas.

All of the above were sampled using non-fat milk & soy milk also water. They all had a great taste and left me me not feeling hungry.

The flavor below I have not tried So I have no Opinion of it I just included so you would have knowledge of this additional add in:

Peach Complex Care- This mix in is for healthy skin it contains Glucosamine sulfate, Collagen, Biotin, Grape Seed & Pine Bark.

The Vi- Trim I tested also:

You can add this to 8 -12 ounces of your favorite drink. I added it to water. 

It gave a little bit of a sweet flavor but hardly noticeable and it did make you feel full.

My opinion of this product is that it does work well!

The ViSalus Pro:

I tried the PassionFruit Crush

This was a very impressive energy drink! It did not leave me feeling "jittery". It did not have a awful after taste. In my opinion it is one of the best tasting energy drinks I have every had. This is a portable drink mix can be added to water, or any beverage to provide power packed energy. Can be taken before, or during a work out for lasting power. 

The ViSalus Neuro Smart Energy Mix:

I tried the following:

Lemon Lift & Raspberry Boost -  I found the taste to be both refreshing and smooth in both flavors.

 ViSalus Neuro is an effervescent powder that comes in easy to use packets. They are perfect for on the go and make it simple to get the boost you need anywhere, anytime and without the crash. Just mix Neuro Lemon Lift or Raspberry Boost with water or your favorite beverage (such as iced tea, lemonade, cranberry juice, ect.) I used water & ice tea. The product seemed to wake me up in the afternoon during the "work day slump" 

There is also the ViSalus Challenge:

ViSalus is offering over $25,000,000 a year in free products, prizes, and vacations for those with the best 90-day transformations.

Taking the Vi 90 Challenge also gives you a FREE web site with customer number to use when referring friends. By referring three friends that order the same as the customer does or more on auto-ship, the customer would receive their product for free the next month and every month after as long as they continue to order; the customer just pays shipping. The Customer also joins the community; has access to tips and the opportunity to post their challenge every ninety days for the chance to win; of this is explained on the site. I also give a personal sports blender as my gift to the customer for ordering on auto ship.

Other items are available through ViSalus that I did not sample and review some of them are:

Vi-pak Advanced Aging & Health System Products
Vimmunity Products

So my overall opinion of this products I tried is very favorable and I would recommend this product for someone looking to maintain or lose weight or if you are just looking for a healthy lifestyle alternative. I was not paid for any part of the review. All opinions stated in this review are my sole opinion based on the Products I tried personally. 

~Krazy Coupon Club 

If you are serious about weigh loss, weight maintenance, healthy living style, or anti-aging by using Visalus Procucts,  Please Contact Linda Burton at lindaburton66@att.net.  or 937-789-3191 for your sample. She is really awesome and can help you with any direct product questions.

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  1. LOVE IT! I work for UPS and I often unload this truck, containting upwards of 2,000 of these. I always wonder if it works, what it tastes like. Thank you for the review!!

  2. I would love to get my hands on a sample of these! I would love to try one of each!

  3. i would love to try these or at least be able to get a sample,great review thanks