Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How to Make Homemade Fabric Softner!

When you think about it, fabric softener does the same for clothes as hair conditioner does for our hair! How many of you can got to your stockpile right now and find at least a dozen bottles of hair conditioner? I know I can!

So let’s give it a second use!

Ready to do this?

Items you will need:
(2) cups of hair conditioner
(3) cups of distilled white vinegar
(6) cups boiling water
(1) Mixing utensil
(1) Bucket/Pail/Pot
(1) Empty Bottle (I used an old clean bleach container)

You use Hot Water because it helps break down the condtioner, meaning less stirring!! 

STEP 1. Pour the 6 cups of boiling in water into the pail
STEP 2. Add the conditioner
STEP 3. Add the vinegar
STEP 4. Start stirring
STEP 5. After you get done stirring you will notice some lumps left. Don't worry! Pour into your container, close & shake away .. lumps all gone! ;)

This whole process took me about 4 minutes! My favorite part …. I get to make the scent myself, not pick one off the shelf, and with the million different scents of condtioner out there, a million different scents to be had!
With the cost of vinegar about 1.90 & hair conditioner- both that I got FREE from deals ... My softener cost me $0.00!!

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