Tuesday, February 26, 2013

****My First Nutrisystem Weigh In ... Is a SUCCESS!!****

  Today was the day of my first weigh in.... I was excited and nervous all at the same time! I mean I pretty much was so busy that I had forgot about myself. Now with the Nutrisystem plan I am trying to get my weigh under control. I have in the past done other weigh lost plans but like I told you before I gave up when I got hungry. I always found an excuse to "Lose it Later". I even started to exercise, and sometimes you just don't want to get up and move ... I actually forgot the "after gym feeling". It is a feeling of achievement with a a little soreness and actually a burst of energy. I really missed that feeling. Believe it or not I was at one point in my life a gym rat, straight from work to the gym every day. Now even saying that it seems like that was so very long ago. 

I do owe a HUGE credit to this Nutrisystem program. They have 'My Daily 3'. Right now you are asking yourself what the heck that is!?! It is very simple actually. They have a program that helps figure out what 3 activities you can fit in your day without having to exercise at a gym. It is great help to me! I do not go to the gym every day but I can fit 'My Daily 3" into my life easily, and the best part is it is what I already do some days.

The food on the Nutrisystem program is really good. So far I have not had anything that I disliked and would not eat again. Today I wanted a lighter lunch because I was not hungry at all. Actually since I started with the food on this program I am never hungry.. Yup never, morning to night!

Nutrisystem Premixed Tuna with Mayonnaise

I know some are saying, 'Well, she eats Salad and Tuna of course if that is all I ate I would be losing weight too'.  This is only one of my lunches, and honestly this is the first time since I started that I actually ate a salad for lunch. I do eat veggies on this program but I eat a wide variety of them. The meals I eat for an example for Breakfast would be a Double Chocolate Muffin with a Coffee Protein Shake or Scrambled eggs, breakfast burrito. Lunch is Pasta & Beef, Chicken & Pasta in Cacciatore Sauce, and Dinner meals consist of Chicken Pot Pie, Roast Beef & Gravy with Garlic Mashed Potatoes.... There are so many meals (well over 100+) to choose from that I could go on for awhile. I barely even mentioned any of the choices. 

So here is what you have been waiting for...... Drum Roll Please..... I lost..... 9lbs!!! Yes, my very first week I lost 9 lbs!! I always try to visualize any number so if I think if it this way it is even more amazing! 1lb of butter is 4 sticks. So since I lost 9lbs that is 36 sticks of butter gone!!! That is super amazing! I was one 1 pound away from getting my first Nutribear. I will tell you more about Nurtibears in a later post! This was a awesome week!! I know every week will not be like this but I am not giving in or giving up! I feel really GREAT!!

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