Monday, February 25, 2013

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GSN is one of the largest online casual games and virtual casino sites online. With over 100+ games, users can play for free against other players, compete for cash, or play in our virtual casino.

  Cash Game Tournaments:

o Exclusive branded titles – Wheel Of Fortune, SCRABBLE Cubes, Bejeweled Blitz and Deal Or No Deal. None of our competitors have access to these game titles.

o Fair Matching – this is our sweet sauce if you will. We have a fair matching algorithm that matches up our cash players evenly so they are competing against players of equal skill.

o Cash Prizing – GSN prizes out over $500K a day in winnings and over $100MM a year.

o Real Prizing – GSN players can play games for free and earn Oodles – which they can redeem them for real prizes such as Sweepstakes, Auctions, gift cards, etc…

o Many different tournament types – there is something for everybody 2 player, 5 player, Progressives, Ladders, etc…

o Many different game types – arcade, card games, word games, strategy games and game show games


o Exclusive branded titles – Wheel of Fortune Slots is the number one slot game in the world. Wheel Of Fortune and Deal Or No Deal – only place you can play these games online is at GSN.

o Hourly Bingo jackpots – free game that users can win real cash and it’s free to sign up. Drawings take place every hour and we have had a jack pot as high as $42K.

o Daily Login Token bonuses – receive free tokens to play with every day upon login.

o Real Prizing – GSN players can earn Oodles for playing these games which they can redeem for real prizes such as Sweepstakes, Auctions, gift cards, etc… 

o Many different game types – Slots, Bingo, Poker and Black Jack

o Launching a brand new Wheel Of Fortune Bingo game on February 21st. 

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