Tuesday, March 12, 2013

****It Is That Time Of Week! Nutrisystem Weigh In! ...Guess How Much I Lost This week...****

I mentioned Nutrisystem Bears in a previous post, but let me tell you a little about these guys. For every 10 pounds you lose Nutrisystem sends you a Nutribear. I think this is pretty awesome, because it is a true reminder that you can place somewhere special (Desk, By your exercise equipment, On top of your fridge, or any place you want) as reminder of how far you have come! I am still waiting to get my first Nutribear, you place your order with the food for the next month.. hopefully I will have 2-3 bears coming with next months food order!

So tomorrow starts my 4th week with Nutrisystem!! Wow how time has flown by! Some people if they use a "regular diet plan" by now are craving everything they love but are never allowed to have on their plan. Not with Nutrisystem... I started my day with a double chocolate muffin & a chocolate shake with some blueberries. Last night I had a red velvet whoopie pie with cream cheese icing in the middle! It is SoOoOo sweet and really amazing! When I need something salty I just grab my honey mustard pretzel pieces or popcorn. You have so many choices that you don't need to go beyond the program to get satisfied! 

I have to say this past weekend we had a birthday party here, and I was not even tempted. I did not feel hungry. Yes, the food did smell good but I realized just because it smells good doesn't mean I need to eat it or even try it. When everyone else had birthday cake, I just ate my golden pound cake with lite whipped cream. I found I was just as satisfied so even with 1/2 a birthday cake almost still left I am not even tempted because the food on Nutrisystem just leaves me so full all day, every day!

Now what you have been waiting for:

So, this morning I got up to check my weigh... I even kicked it up a notch with trying Zumba this week, I am surprised I did not need MedEvac.. and hey it only took me 6 days to recover, haha! So I jumped on the scale and .... Down 5 More pounds!! I have lost a total of 19 pounds in 3 week!! Woo Hoo! My next food order should definitely score me 2 NutriBears! I am so excited and owe this whole weight loss to Nutrisystem and their awesome support staff!!

So I am now free 1- 10 pound bag of potatoes & 36- Sticks of butter!! Just one more pound and I will have lost the equivalent of 2- 10 pound bags of potatoes, I can hardly believe it!

....So remember check in next Tuesday to see if I lost more! In 4 more weeks I'll be posting another picture of me to show you how far I have come!  

Here Are my Previous weeks:

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