Thursday, March 14, 2013

****My Very First - Now I Can moment on Nutrisystem!****

So everyone that follows me knows that I am on Nutrisystem and that I just started my 4th week yesterday and in 3 weeks I lost an amazing 19 pounds!! I can hardly believe it myself! This is an awesome plan and in just 4 more weeks I will be 2 months into the program and I will be posting my first picture to show how much weight I have lost. 

Today was my gym day and to be honest I was not wanting to go, because I had so much I needed to get done here at home. Be grudgingly I filled my water bottle, slipped on my sneakers telling myself "I may not want to go... but I definitely need to go!". I got in the car and on the way there I was planning on being a slacker (doing a quick work out and coming home). Then I got to the gym and the minute I walked through the door my whole attitude had changed. 

The machines I wanted to use were all currently full so I decided to work backwards (what I did last I would now do first). After I was done all the machines were full, so I wondered off to the basketball court figuring I would walk a few laps and by then there should be one machine freed up. Something happened when I stepped on the court and saw the lap lines marked out and I started jogging! I have not jogged (or even attempted to) in over 5 years!! I have to admit I only jogged about 3 1/2 laps and then walked a few. Just that little bit reminded me of how much I missed it... and to think this all started with me not wanting to go!

Then, When I returned to the cardio/weigh lifting part of the gym I did Over a mile on the treadmill. Even better.... Next, I put 20.01 miles on the bike and burned over 700 calories at the gym today. If someone would have told me a month ago that I would have been this active again I would have laughed. 

Thanks Nutrisystem! You gave me the chance I needed to turn myself around :) 

Here Are my Previous weeks:

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