Tuesday, March 26, 2013

****Weigh In Time!! Love My New Life With Nutrisystem!!****

So it is that Time of week again! Wow how fast this Nutrisystem program goes. This is the start of my 6th week! Week by week it just gets easier and easier. I wanted to show you above my dinner from last night. The chicken is stuffed with Broccoli & Cheese and honestly that is some of the best chicken I have ever had. It is so tender and cheesy.. just love it!  Then I had steamed seasoned brussel sprouts with light 7 grain bread and I was stuffed!

 So last week I only lost 1 pound, and I was determined not to hit the plateau. I kicked it up because I just don't want to see no pounds lost per week, plus I am making the most of this opportunity with Nutrisystem.

It is time for me to order my food from Nutrisystem this week, and when I order I finally get to place an order for my Nutribears with my food order. I can't wait to get them as a reminder of how far I have come from the first day!! 

Now what you have been waiting for.... This week I lost 2 pounds. My total weight loss since I began Nutrisystem 6 weeks ago is an astounding 22 pounds! it is simply amazing to achieve that much loss in such a short time! That is Two -10 Pound bags of potatoes and 8 sticks of butter ..gone and I don't want it back!

I am now fitting in jeans I couldn't for the longest time! I started packing up clothes for donations that are getting baggy on me and I decided when I hit 40 pound loss I am going to buy myself a cute summer dress as a reward. I did buy myself a pricy Under Armour Workout shirt when I hit a 19 pound loss, something I would have normally not done because I would have said was too much; but I deserved it for my hard work! Remember come back next Tuesday and see how much I have lost!

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